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Keyboard layout
The type of keys on a keyboard, and their position on the keyboard. This can differ from country to country.
Cherry SmartBoard USB USB QWERTZ Swiss Black (G83-6644LUACH-2)

Cherry SmartBoard USB, USB, QWERTZ, Swiss, Wired, PC/server, Standard

Cherry G83-6105 USB QWERTY UK English Black (G83-6105LUNGB-2)

Cherry G83-6105, USB, Universal, QWERTY, UK English, Wired, PC/server

Cherry G83-6105 QWERTZ German Black (G83-6105LUNDE-2)

Cherry G83-6105, USB, Universal, QWERTZ, German, Wired, PC/server

Cherry G83-6105 USB, RD (G83-6105LUNRD-2)

Cherry G83-6105 USB, RD, USB, Black, cURus, VDE GS, c-tick, GOST-R, CE, FCC , 0 - 50 °C, -20 - 60 °C, 458 x 170 x 42 mm

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